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The use of IoT solutions increases productivity, production and reduces the cost of work, as well as increasing safety at work. It is characterised by the introduction of more accurate solutions, reduces the use of human resources and speeds up data transmission.

Intelligent Manufacturing

A complete communications solution covering equipment, production line, warehouse, etc., enabling the digital transformation of manufacturers.

Metals Production

The modernized production of steelworks is developing in an intelligent and unmanned direction. Integrated communication solutions and industrial-grade devices help improve production efficiency and mill management.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is one of the basic conditions for the overall development of every country in the world. A stable and reliable network communication solution that helps to increase the efficiency of environmental management and protect its structure is the basis for creating new automated solutions.

NP301 NP301
In stock
Brand: 3onedata Model: NP301
Industrial, universal 1-port RS-232/422/485 serial device server with one Ethernet port. It provides 1 port RS-232/485/422 (RS232, DB9M; RS485/422, 5 bit terminal block) and 1 port 10/100Base-T(X). It makes them ideal choice for connecting decentral serial devices and Host computer to an IP based Ethernet, making it easily and conviniently for your management. Its software can be setting and updating by serial program group in the application. ..
333.63 zł
IES318 IES318
5-10 days
Brand: 3onedata Model: IES318
Industrial redundant Ethernet switch with 8 Fast Ethernet ports. IES318 is an unmanaged smart plug-and-play industrial Ethernet switch, which can provide economical solution for your Ethernet network. Its dust proof fully sealed structure (IP40 protection), over-current, over-voltage and EMC protected redundant double power input (12~48VDC) as well as built-in intelligent alarm design can help system maintenancy personel to monitor the network op..
541.42 zł
GW1101-1D(RS-485) GW1101-1D(RS-485)
In stock
Brand: 3onedata Model: GW1101-1D(RS-485)
Industrial Modbus RTU / ASCII gateway to Modbus TCP. Communication ports RS-485/422 and Ethernet, wide temperature range, metal housing IP40.GW1101-1D(RS-485)-TB-P(12-48VDC) is Modbus gateway designed for integrating Modbus RTU/ASCII and Modbus TCP networks; it can achieve the conversion between Modbus RTU/ASCII and Modbus TCP protocols. This product has 1 RS-485/422 serial port and 1 100M Ethernet copper port. It adopts wall mounting to meet the..
658.49 zł
5-10 days
Brand: 3onedata Model: IRT5300L-5T2D-2P12_36
Industrial 4G Wireless Router with 1 100M WAN port, 4 100M LAN ports, 1 RS-232/485/422 serial port, 2 2.4G WIFI antenna interfaces, 2 LTE antenna interfaces, 2 SIM card slots. IRT5300L series are industrial 4G wireless routers. This series has two products, including 100M WAN port, 100M LAN port, RS-232/485/422 serial port, I/O interface (reserved), Wi-Fi antenna interface, LET antenna interface and SIM card slot. It adopts DIN-Rail mounting, whi..
1,282.84 zł
5-10 days
Brand: 3onedata Model: INP314T-4DI(3IN1)
Industrial, 4-port RS-232/485/422 to 2-port Ethernet Converter.High performance, industrial grade INP314T-4DI(3IN1)-DB-2P(12-48VDC) is serial device server that can make serial device be equipped with networking capability instantly and centrally manage the scattered serial devices and hosts via network. This product supports 4 3IN1 serial ports to 2 100M Ethernet copper ports which supports electromagnetic isolation. It adopts rail or wall moun..
1,468.19 zł
5-10 days
Brand: 3onedata Model: IRT5300-AW-5T2D
Industrial 4G Router with 5 100M copper ports, 2 serial ports, 2 WIFI antennas, 2 LTE antennas and 2 SIM card slots. IRT5300-AW-5T2D is industrial-grade 4G router. Its PoE power supply conforms to IEEE802.3af/at protocol standard. This product supports 5 100M copper ports (one of them supports PoE power receiving), 2 serial ports, 4 antenna interfaces and 2 SIM card slots, etc. It adopts DIN-Rail mounting, which can meet the requirements of diffe..
2,105.70 zł
5-10 days
Brand: 3onedata Model: NP5100-2T-32DI
Industrial Serial Port Connecting Server with 32 Serial ports and 2 Ethernet ports with.NP5100 series are the safe serial networking server that can make serial device be equipped with networking capability instantly and centrally manage the scattered serial devices and hosts via network. This product supports 16/32 RS-232/485/422 serial ports to 2 100M Ethernet copper ports. It adopts rack mounting to meet the requirements of different applicati..
6,277.60 zł
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