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Prices & available currencies

We understand that the price is important

Our main goal is to provide the best quality technical solutions tailored to the budget assumptions of the project.

Using the knowledge of thousands of products from producers from around the world cooperating with us, we always strive to offer the best technology within the agreed budget. We analyze the market and offers of all manufacturers on an ongoing basis to always be able to offer the best product quality at an attractive price.

If you have found a product with a similar specification and a lower price contact us, and we will do our best to offer you a better offer.

Prices and available currencies

The prices of products available in the CONSTEEL Electronics online store can be viewed in three available currencies: PLN, USD and EUR - all prices are quoted on a net basis.

Regardless of the country of the payer, orders can be made according to preferences in both PLN, USD and EUR. The price quoted by CONSTEEL Electronics on the website is available at at the time of placing the order.

Products with price on request

For technical reasons, the price of a small part of the offer is only available in response to your inquiry, for this purpose please contact our sales department at the e-mail address:

Price negotiation

Remember that prices depend on the quantity of ordered goods! In the case of regular customers, one-off big orders and long-term projects, there is a possibility of negotiating prices. In justified cases, we also have the option to propose additional design discounts based on customer feedback.

Other useful informations:

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