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2-3 weeks
Brand: Hisense Model: HK870E
15" Touch Computer terminal with Intel® Celeron® J1900 Processor. HK870E is a computer terminal capable of operating under difficult conditions. The main advantages of this model are the very efficient passive cooling system, high mechanical strength and resistance to wet and dirty environment.Cooli..
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HM388 HM388
2-3 weeks
Brand: Hisense Model: HM388
8" Touch Computer terminal with Intel x5-Z8300 Processor. A computer terminal with mobile functionality dedicated to working in sales systems. The device consists of two modules: a docking station and a tablet which, when combined, offer the characteristics of a classic sales position. At any time, ..
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2-3 weeks
Brand: Hisense Model: MD15
15" Monitor with 5-wire Resistive touch. Monitor dedicated to work at the point of sale or on the production line. The device has a reinforced housing that is resistant to damage and is protected against dirt and flooding. The monitor is equipped with a very bright screen (420 cd / m2) with wide vie..
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