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2-3 weeks
Brand: INXPECT Model: LBK-C22
Controller LBK-C22, can connect up to six LBK-S01 smart sensors.The Inxpect LBK-C22 is the system control unit. It can connect up to six LBK-S01 smart sensors. Intervention of any single sensor results in the deactivation of the controller’s safety output. The LBK-C22 control unit can be configur..
2,751.32 zł
2-3 weeks
Brand: INXPECT Model: LBK-S01
Radar safety system LBK-S01, based on the Inxpect algorithm, sends 24GHz radio waves. LBK system is the first certified volumetric radarsafety system. Thanks to its uniquefeatures, it transforms the state ofthe art of industrial automation,increasing safety without compromising productivity. Th..
3,333.33 zł
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